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McNally Series

Adversity hardens a man or breaks him. Out of the Civil War comes a man hardened by the things he had to do, but determined to live life at his own pace and means. Along the way he discovers his skills honed during the war have a peaceful outlay. His expertise in firearms has made him distinctive but also a candidate for a new upcoming outfit for law and order, the Texas Rangers.

This book has been on the #1 list of teen and adult books.
It is currently rated 4 1/2 Stars.

The Texas frontier was pleagued with Indian raids, Mexican bandits, and other misfits living outside the law. When trouble arose the call went out for the Texas Rangers. Each Ranger furnished his own horse, rifle, and received pay when it was available. They were ready to answer the call and eager to serve. When kids were involved one Ranger was always ready to protect. Pete McNally was always on the top of the list when kids were involved.

Reached #1 in teen and adult westerns and currently holds a 4 Star rating.

Beauty can belie the evil underneath. The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley hides sinister individuals and protects them from facing justice. The Valley people found it easy to turn their back on the evil, as long as it didn’t touch home. When it touched the life of a Texas Ranger, justice comes and it is blind.

Reached #1 in teen and adult westerns and is currently rated at 4 1/2 STARS.

The Weathervane Ranch was an oasis in a dangerous and anxious historical paradox. Lawlessness was a part of daily life and yet there was the law. The need for justice was paramount but often those who found justice did so with their own strength, the law was simply too far away. They struggled to find a place in life dangled between the owl hoot trail and honor. The difference between the two directions could be changed by circumstances good or bad, events controlled or beyond control, and by people caring or dangerous. An oasis offers its precious gift to any who happen upon the scene; young, old, different, and especially the defenseless. The Weathervane Ranch offered acceptance but not complicity. It recognized that everyone had the right to a second chance at discovering life at its best. One man chose to open his life to others and in doing so found a life richly blessed and profoundly indebted to those who came to receive.

Has been in the top forty listings now for some time. Currently rated at 4 STARS

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