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Viejo Series

Jason Bernard Ramsey II is a man of faith...but he becomes Jack Short, a man who kills whoever gets in his way. He discovers two skills he did not know he had...a fast draw and the ability to kill without remorse. He's at odds with his faith and the law. If you break the law in Texas, you must answer to the Texas Rangers. This duty falls upon Lee Brannon. In a strange twist of fate, Viejo joins with the ranger in the pursuit of other outlaws, and discovers there is no real code of ethics among thieves and no misdeeds go unpunished.

This one has stayed on the top 40 teen and adult listing for some time. Currently rated 4 STARS.

Can a leopard really change its spot? Crispin Barker’s formative years are not encouraging or conducive to making great choices. His environment and support system directed him as a young person but as a man, he must choose his own course. Is it possible to recover from a bad choice in life pursuits?
The outlaw trail leads to death, destruction, disillusionment, and a commitment to find a better life. Pursuing the goal presents many challenges and dangers. Following the outlaw trail is easy compared to living by a different code. Mexico offers a place to begin a new identity but those who occupy the area don’t want to allow changes to occur. In the process of seeking peace, he finds something that is more perturbing and confusing than he has ever faced before: they are the deep blue eyes of an Irish maiden. The other realization is even more profound, the kids are alive. Outnumbered and desperate Crisp must seek help from the law that is hunting him across the Rio Grande in Texas. He must face his demons and those deep blue eyes to find real peace.

This one has maintained a high level within the top 50 teen and adult westerns.

Currently rated 4 1/2 Stars

What is the proper age for becoming a cold-blooded killer? Frank Miller’s life turns upside down when his family is murdered and he becomes a captive in a Comanche raid. His understanding of right and wrong are blurred through several misfortunes and mistreatment by adults. One talent he possesses is the ability to draw a .45 extremely fast, and to hit whatever he aims at with his Henry 45-70. Other talents include being an extraordinary tracker and one who could elude any followers. Not only is he fast with a pistol or a rifle, he kills readily and without remorse.
Lee Brannan, Texas Ranger, must track down and arrest this troublesome killer. He struggles with his duty to the law, and his faith in the pursuit. On one side, is the fact of the murders, some of which are a sheriff and another Texas Ranger, and on the other side is that Frank is only fifteen years old. How do you hunt down a child that should be struggling with acne and giggling girls, instead of running amok and shooting people? Lee must decide to fulfill his duties or let someone else do the job.

Oblivion is a deep dark hole where you lose the sense of sight, touch, and direction. Even the things you once trusted are
now just out of reach. Lee Brannan falls into such a hole, but one of his mind. When he can't remember who he is, the road back to reality is fraught with fear. He is fearful of what will he find on the other side and even worse, will he like who he is?

Something is amiss. The Texas Ranger is tracking a band of rustlers and realizes someone is tracking him. He must deputize a young man to watch his back trail, while he concentrates on the rustlers. Several people are out to ambush him. It will take every bit of knowledge, courage, and determination, of both the Ranger and the deputy, to solve this two fold dilemma.

Curently Rated at 5 STARS

The central Texas area was the host to many things following the Civil War, and some of them were dangerous. Outlaws from other states found the vast open areas conducive to their illicit trade and the country offered easy hideouts. Indian raiders, Mexican bandits, and just plain mean outlaws worked their trade. The most loathsome were those who hid in the open, working from behind their veil of legitimacy, out of sight but deadly.

Adversity is the stimulus of life. It moves one to develop or collapse. A young boy loses his entire family to a calamity and forces him to change. His mother’s last wish was to find a man he has just barely heard about and doesn’t know if he will be received well or not, but he must meet his Grandpa in Texas.

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